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  • Do you want to feel in CONTROL again?
  • Do you want to be able to ENJOY Christmas by feeling comfortable in your clothes?
  • Do you want to replace detrimental HABITS?
  • Do you want to LOOK FORWARD TO exercise, not dread it?
  • Do you want to have the ENERGY to enjoy life again?
  • Do you want to ACHIEVE (and surpass) your health, fitness or weightloss GOALS?
  • Do you want to change where your MIND is SET around food & exercise?
  • Do you want to know how to MANAGE YOUR FOOD without endless monitoring?
  • Do you want to fit your workouts around YOUR schedule?
  • Do you want to make lifestyle changes for the LONGTERM?
  • Then JOIN dozens of women who have TRANSFORMED their lives for the better!


You might try to jump out of your computer and punch me when I tell you there are just 2 months left to the end of the year.

Yes – just 2 MONTHS!

Even less time until the Christmas madness starts, and all good habits head for the hills faster than you can say “mince pie, anyone?”

So now is the time to start taking back control of YOU – with our new 60 Day Transformation!


Starting on October 31st, this 60 Day inclusive health, fitness & wellness program includes:

  • 2 x semi-PT sessions per week in a top-class facility in Galway with a fully-qualified & experienced professional
  • Additional weekly classes
  • Access to our secret Facebook group (yes, another group – but this one you’re going to want to be in ;))
  • Online workouts that you can do from home
  • 24/6 support (because we should all have one rest day!)
  • Empowering & practical mindset techniques – these REALLY work!
  • Nutrition and food control to achieve weightloss & fatloss
  • Personalised nutritional analysis to find and alleviate deficiencies
  • Workouts that are fun and effective and available online
  • Access to weekly webinars on topics that matter to you
  • Accountability to yourself, your trainer and also your Transformation Team
  • Email series with invaluable information, techniques, cheat sheets & more
  • Access to online apps to support your transformation
  • All content provided (hardback and/or soft copy) – including workbooks, journals etc.
  • Unique access to a transformation system that WORKS and that I have used to help dozens of clients to achieve their goals

Places are strictly limited, so fill in the application form below to be considered – remember, only complete the form if you are committed to making serious changes to your lifestyle, and you’re ready to become the BEST version of you that you can be.

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