🎄Ho, Ho, Ho🎄
WELCOME to Carrie Small Plate’s 6 week Christmas Cracker online program!
The program is starting on Monday, November 13th, and will run for 6 weeks to get you ready for the Christmas parties and festivities in December.

We will finish on Friday Dec 22nd, with a Survival Plan in place to get you through Christmas without going daft!

6 week Christmas Cracker program


We ran this program in 2016, and it was really successful (see our Testimonials page)

The program will offer:

🎄 6 weeks of recipes & workout schedules
🎄 Access to online workout videos that you can do from home
🎄 Support via a secret Facebook group
🎄 OPTIONAL 2 week maintenance program once the 6 weeks is complete (to keep you on track until New Years)
🎄 Daily accountability with a simple-to-implement tracking tool
🎄 All the encouragement and support you will need to be Little-Black-Dress ready in time for the Christmas parties
🎄 Strategies to keep your motivation up and stay on track