Hey, hey we’re the Burpees

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If you’ve heard of burpees before, then you will know that they are a combination of the devil’s spawn and a lashing from a cat o’nine tails. They are like a dynamic plank, followed by a push-up, that end in a vertical jump, which you try to do quickly and in a controlled manner. I’ve […]

“Runners on the Storm…”

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Storm Desmond has passed but not without leaving much devastation in its wake. Not least, the innumerable Teresa Mannion copy-cats, warning of the ravages of the storm, beseeching us not to go outside! Inspired by this, I decided to go out for a run yesterday as the tail-end of Desmond was passing. Myself and some […]

Let’s go INSANE!

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It is wet, cold and hailing outside. You know you should get off your backside and get out there regardless. But you just can’t – you can’t even stomach the short sprint from the house to the car, and then from the car through the doors of the gym. So what can you do instead? […]

Running up a Storm

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Running in this stormy weather is not much fun. But the sweet satisfaction of finishing is worth it… Check out this collage from an emotional roller-coaster of a run I did last week. And yes, I did feel like an idiot pulling faces and taking selfies. Luckily, I was the only foolhardy nutcase out on […]