Macros, macros everywhere, nor a bite to eat

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Until very recently, I was completely unaware of the world domination of counting macros and yet another acronym, IIFYM. I’m all about longevity when it comes to my eating and exercise habits, so I don’t really follow any fads or extreme diets as I find they don’t work for me long-term. Also, if something appears […]

How do you eat yours?

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My childhood memories of Easter are one or two large Easter eggs shared among 5.34 children, where we scavenged and fought tooth and nail for the thickest bit of the Buttons egg, and collapsed at 8.30am, bloated and chocolate-coated. Once the initial sugar hit dropped, we cried into our watery lamb stew and wished that […]

Sugar – the real scoop

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Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Sarah Keogh at our Unislim Summit in the fabulous Carton House. As it was January and the Sugar Crash documentary had just aired, we naturally had many questions about the devil incarnate that is SUGAR. We had heard much panic among our members, and that […]

Please sir, can I have some more?

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What says old-school more than the love of a homely bowl of porridge? I’m a big fan so you can imagine my delight when I discovered the fuel-laden powerhouse that is porridge bread. One of the latest fads in the health food and weight loss area, it has now become a staple in my life. […]

Too much smoked salmon, you say?

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“What on earth will we do with all this leftover smoked salmon” said no-one in my house, ever. Until this weekend when I had over-bought (as if!) smoked salmon for some food tasters I was planning for Unislim. So I had a little look on-the-line and saw that there are plenty of healthy and simple […]

You wanna peas of me?

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I love recipes and foods that are simple, quick and pretty much fool proof. And you really couldn’t get more idiot-proof than this minty pea soup recipe. There are 3 main ingredients, and it takes less than 20 minutes to prep, cook and blitz. So honestly, what could be simpler?! Thankfully, mint is very accessible […]

Scoffed Eggs

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While out for dinner this weekend, my husband decided to order a scotch egg starter. “Are you mad” I said “they are so unhealthy!” Ah they’re not that bad – and they are so tasty – he replied. And I thought to myself – he’s right, they are really, really tasty. So why can’t we […]

Strawberry chocs for ever…

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If, like me, you are partial to a Roses sweet (or 10!) at this time of year then I might just have the answer to your chocolate snacking woes. There are some lovely alternative for the festive season that are much healthier, and also guilt free. You can make 10-12 dark chocolate strawberries using about […]

On the first day of Christmas…

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As part of my role as a Unislim weight management consultant, I see that this time of year can really put a strain on your resolve and dedication to eating healthy and staying in shape. No matter how much of an iron-cast will you have, you would need to be made of stone to not […]

Once you Parsnip…

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Pardon my failed attempt at punning the famous Pringles tagline. What I want to do with this post is give you an alternative to crisps for those late-night TV snacks that we all crave when curled up on the couch watching Strictly, Come Dine With Me, the Late, Late Toy show, the darts players championship… […]