Arthritis? Me? But I’m only 37…

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A few weeks ago, I got a very surprising diagnosis from my doctor. I am 37 years old – I’m a fitness instructor and Personal Trainer by trade, having recently moved into this area from the IT sector. I love running, interval training, being outdoors, making good food, I’m a wanna-be surfer, an energetic mum-of-one […]

Advanced MyFitnessPal – how to get the most from the MFP app

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Many of us have heard of MyFitnessPal, and use it regularly, in particular to calorie-count and track food intake and activity levels. (In case you haven’t used it before, check out this short article for some basic info). It is based on the long-proven concept that tracking and monitoring progress and achieving “mini-wins” makes it […]

Forget detoxing – eat these foods instead

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There’s a lot of talk this month about “detoxing”, or “foods to avoid” and “low fat diets”. But what about what we should eat? If you’re trying to eat well and recover from the excesses of Christmas, here are my Top 8 foods to include on your shopping list (see below for an explanation of […]

Christmas 5 Day LBD challenge

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Tick, tock, tick, tock… It’s just 4 WEEKS til Christmas – can you believe it?! We spend so much time tut-tutting the early decorators, the Christmas ads in October, and the festive treats on supermarket shelves exactly one minute after midnight on Hallowe’en… Then, all of a sudden, the office Christmas party is around the […]

Son-Of-A-Beach Body….

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In the immortal words of Peter Griffin, do you know what really grinds my gears? terms like Beach Body or Bikini Body floating around the fitne-sphere It is something I have noticed lurking online at this time of year for a number of years now. We’ve all seen it – terms like Beach Body or […]

Macros, macros everywhere, nor a bite to eat

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Until very recently, I was completely unaware of the world domination of counting macros and yet another acronym, IIFYM. I’m all about longevity when it comes to my eating and exercise habits, so I don’t really follow any fads or extreme diets as I find they don’t work for me long-term. Also, if something appears […]

Dem bones, dem bones need… Magnesium!

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Last week, I had the opportunity to do a live online interview with Yvonne from The Raw Food Coach and pick her very knowledgeable brain. I wanted to speak to her about what women in their 30s+ should be looking out for on the nutrition front – for example, What nutrients may we lack as […]

What to do OT AD?

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It’s February, the evenings are getting a bit longer, the promise of spring is in the air… But Operation Transformation is almost over – so what now? If, like many, you were following the leaders on TV and using their progress to motivate you, how will you keep on track for the coming weeks and […]

Too much smoked salmon, you say?

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“What on earth will we do with all this leftover smoked salmon” said no-one in my house, ever. Until this weekend when I had over-bought (as if!) smoked salmon for some food tasters I was planning for Unislim. So I had a little look on-the-line and saw that there are plenty of healthy and simple […]