Pasta Time Away…

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One of my favourite comfort meals is spaghetti bolognese. It’s tasty, hearty and leaves you feeling full & satisfied. A few years ago, I started adding bits and pieces to my bolognese recipe to try and get as much of the good stuff into my meal as possible. And I’ve now ended up with a […]

The Club Workout

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When you get to the club.. you hear the music, feel the beat..  you’re excited, smiling already, you head straight to the dancefloor and you MOVE!  Want that same feeling from your workout? Join us for The Club Workout – high-intensity interval training on the dancefloor, with a live DJ playing the perfect beat. “We […]

Gym in a Bag – for less than 30 quid!

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There are so many options out there for fitness these days. Gym membership, bootcamps, Morning Gloryville, boxer-yoga-lates-size… It can be overwhelming sometimes, and you might wonder to yourself what’s the best option, and where can you get the most bang for your buck. As a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, I am happy to give […]

DON’T act your age – act your shoe size!

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We all know about getting our kids up-n-active. We see information online, on TV and in magazines telling us to lead by example, to let our kids watch us exercising and to follow our lead, to make activity an important part of our day and theirs. But what about the other way around? What about […]

Happy Val-ALT-tines Day

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Are you dreading the smooshy Valentine’s day cards, the over-the-top flowers that Mary’s Tom will send to her desk at work, the elaborate stories of proposals made on a bed of rose petals in a 7* hotel in Paris? Me too! I’ve never been a Valentine’s Day fan – It could be because I don’t […]

Avoid the “Why Do I Always Quit?” trap!

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Do you find it hard to persist when you’re trying to get in shape? Many of us have a personal goal – maybe it’s “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get fit” or “I want to start eating healthy again!” Then we start with all guns blazing – juicing this, and sweating that […]

Are crafts really good for your health??

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As you might already know, I am a (not-so-secret) knitting enthusiast. I renewed my love of all things wooly around 7 years ago, when I decided to start knitting Christmas jumpers for my friends. At that time, it was just a nice hobby, and one I also did a lot of when I was pregnant […]

8 Unbelievable Facts You Never Knew About Muldoon

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This week, the talismanic John Muldoon signed a deal that will happily extend his contract with Connacht. This means he will be part of the furniture at the Sportsground for 15 seasons! Muldoon is a well-liked and recognisable figure around Galway city – is always approachable and is revered by the younger generation of Galwegians […]

Will this day mark a curse’s death?

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In nineteen hundred and fifty-one A large truck of red and green Travelled home, with All Ireland won For Sam Maguire to be seen.   The truck it just kept a’trucking on Past mourners in fair Foxford When a priest (or local woman) Placed a curse n’aer before heard   “You blaggards, you have trundled […]

“I like it hot, just not THIS hot”

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WHAT IS THAT LUMINOUS YELLOW ORB IN THE SKY??? Well would you credit it – a sunny weekend is in the offing, and we’ve been promised that “Ireland will be as hot as Barcelona” for the weekend (cue augmented maps that place Ireland in the Med doing the rounds on social media again…) So here […]