Cheap as Chips – but so much healthier

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€5 PER PERSON each day for 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks

There’s often a misconception out there that healthy eating is expensive. So a few months ago, I did up a Unislim meal planner for a family of four adults, including all meals AND snacks for an entire week (it even included a bottle of Bailey’s as it was around Christmas time 😉 ) and the total was just over €150.

To break that down, that’s €22 per day, or just over €5 PER PERSON each day for 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks.

You’d have to say, that’s not bad – right?!

I had been intending to re-do the experiment recently, but I thought that a good alternative would be to focus on the Super Saver food deals that you often see in Aldi, Lidl, Dunnes, SuperValu and other supermarkets each week. This is where certain foods (normally fruit and veg) that are on special offer each week, and often cost under €1 per food item.

focus on the Super Saver food deals

For many of us, we regularly do our weekly shopping in supermarkets, either online or in person. This is the norm. So it is also good to see that many of the suppliers are Irish and often local.

This week, I decided “I’m going to pop into my local Aldi, and no matter what they have for their Super6 foods, I’m going to use ALL OF THEM to make my lunch”.

So I rocked up to the door, and swaggered up to the fruit and veg aisle, all set to be inspired…

But I stalled – the foods were mostly fruit, and I got a moment of panic. What kind of lunch can I make from just fruit?

Then I remembered an amazing salad I did for a Christmas starter a few years ago – combine that with a tomato soup made-from-scratch, and I reckoned we were on to a winner.

Here is what foods are on offer in Aldi this week:

Punnet of conference pears – €0.49
Bag of red apples – €0.49
Bag of green apples – €0.49
Tomato tray – €0.49
Spring onions – €0.49
Sweet potato – €0.49


my shop cost just €10.18

Of course, I would need to get some extra bits and pieces to make up a substantial and balanced meal. So I put together the shopping list in my head, darted through the aisles and then marched purposefully to the check-out.

In total, my shop cost just €10.18, AND I got enough food to make 4 x lunches (PLUS extra fruit for the week in the pears and apples). The breakdown of the costs is below.

Although I included the extra food items, I am assuming that you have the basics like salt, pepper, rapeseed/olive oil and stock at home already 😀

The lunch is completely balanced with plenty of fibre, protein and carbohydrate plus substantial fruit & veg portions for your nutritional requirements. Sure how can you lose?!

Here’s the breakdown of the total costs:

Now for the science bit (or at least the maths bit). I really don’t do enough live maths bits in my posts 😉

€2.95 (total cost for Super6 foods)
€2.99 (blue cheese)
€1 (rocket leaves)
€0.50 (carrot and onion)
€1 (tomato puree)
€0.49 (cannellini beans)
€1.25 (walnuts)
€10.18 (TOTAL)

Here are the recipes, I’d love for you to try them out and let me know what you think.

Now, I’m off to tuck in!



  • Peter May 18, 2016, 2:46 pm Reply

    Love the look of that soup recipe, I’ll have to try it out some day! A really refreshing read, can’t wait for the next one.

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