Cocoa Breakin’ My Heart

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As much as I LOVE chocolate (and I really, really do love it), this time of year can be tough for us all, including parents. There are chocolate treats everywhere, and kids expect to get giant Easter eggs, go on chocolate egg hunts, and receive elaborate deliveries from the Easter Bunny…

It seems that the whole of Easter now revolves around food, and treats especially.

So it can be hard to negotiate with kids, and reason with them that 5 mini-chocolate eggs and a cup of milk before 8am is not a “balanced breakfast”.

So here are some of the best alternatives out there to chocolate treats for Easter, that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy without feeling guilty, and also without feeling denied either.

As an aside, this is also the first year my daughter is in school, and I realised quite late in the year that I will have to keep her entertained for two entire weeks during the Easter break. So she will be fully recruited into making these, whether she wants to or not 😉


Alternative Crème Eggs!

I whipped these up last year as an alternative to the sugar-laden (and extremely sticky) Crème Egg. At the time I was working for Unislim and I brought them along to class as a taster, and they went down a treat. Also, they are much more filling than the regular Crème Egg.

Easter Egg Frozen Popsicles

I love these little frozen delights, and they will go down a treat if we get some of the same glorious weather we got this weekend.

Try opt for a good-quality yoghurt that is low in added sugar, or has none at all. You can use some vanilla essence or natural honey to sweeten it up a little if needed.

Carrot and Hummus Patch

I found this idea recently, and I think it is lovely – and something that kids will enjoy making together, and eating together. Or leaving out for the Easter Bunny (we didn’t have the Easter Bunny in my day, but kids these days are really into him – or her… I’m not sure of the bunny’s gender!). Plant baby carrots or other little veggies in the hummus, and it looks fab.

Fruity Flowers

How cute are these little fruit flowers? We definitely eat first with our eyes, and this is really visually appealing. Get the kids to help you make them – it will keep them out of your hair for an hour during the holidays, and what can be a better Easter gift than that?!

Apple Bunny

This looks so cute, I’m not sure if I could actually eat that little face J If you can’t find edible grass (no idea where I would even get that?), you can just shave a few slivers of the apple peel and use those for the whiskers. It will look just as good.

Coconut Cookie Chicks

I have gotten quite a few great recipes from Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog and they always work out really well. I haven’t tried these little guys yet, but they are definitely on my to-do list for the Easter break – my daughter is going to be hard at work in the kitchen for the next few weeks 😉 Kate’s recipes are mostly vegan, unprocessed and sugar-free – and seriously yum! I’ll let you know how I get on with them, though I don’t expect my little chicks to be as photogenic as hers!

Chicks in a Spring Garden

It is the little cucumber-and-carrot flowers that really got me with this one! Such a simple idea, but again it’s all about the presentation.

I will need to make a visit to Mr. Price to pick up some veg cutters and a few other little instruments to work on my culinary design skills, but it’ll be worth it.

Easter Fruit & Veggie cups

Finally, this one caught my eye because of the simplicity and versatility. You can basically use whatever you have in your fridge or your fruit bowl and add it to the little Easter chick cup.

Also, we have an extreme surplus of paper cups and arts-and-crafts supplies in our house due to my daughter’s obsession, so it is great to get to use them up – and keep her busy while she’s off school too!

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