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Having recently worked with the Elite Fitness Performance Academy in Galway, I have combined my experience with their expertise to develop a fool-proof system called “System 365” that is guaranteed to get you results. Getting Back To You implements this system to give you the tools and support to stay in shape LONG-TERM.

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Getting Back To You” is a 6-week online program for busy mums and professionals who want to take back control of their health and fitness.

        • As a busy mum and/or professional, do you find your energy levels are low?
        • Do you struggle to get up in the morning, and find the daily grind exhausting?
        • Do you struggle with excess weight but finding the time, and more importantly the inclination, to exercise seems too daunting?
        • Do you want to eat better, but you don’t want to spend time making different meals for you and your family?

Getting Back To You – Online Program

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The “Getting Back To You” program will offer:

            • Why do I keep quitting?”: Mindset exercises to keep up your motivation, understand the psychology of why we start something well and then fizzle out, simple tips to avoid the fizzle-out trap
            • I just find exercise SOOOO boring, I’d rather do almost anything else.”: We will have 4 x personalised weekly workouts to fit into your life (just for the group) – and if you find you do better with a group, we can all join in on a live online workout
            • Videos to show you how to do the exercises correctly so that you get results
            • How do you know what I want, and can give me the support for it?”: Each member will get a intro call at the start of the course, where we’ll tailor what you need, and you will buddy up with another person in the group with similar goals.
            • I eat well, but I still don’t seem to have energy/lose weight/feel satisfied.”: We will do an analysis of what nutrients you might be lacking, common issues concerning women 30+, and what you can do to overcome these
            • I can hardly do two push-ups in a row – how will I follow your program?”: Don’t worry – we will do a fitness level assessment at the start so that you can progress for your fitness level, and still achieve results
            • Membership to the private Facebook group (SORRY! I know you have enough on your plate more important than joining ANOTHER Facebook group, but it is the most useful and user-friendly tool).
            • 7 x recipes per week (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, special occasion, all family-friendly)
            • Online support/access to online forum
            • Fun, fun, fun! We will make the program as FUN and ENGAGING as possible – because the daily grind it tough enough, why should getting back in shape make it even harder!

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