Gym in a Bag – for less than 30 quid!

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There are so many options out there for fitness these days. Gym membership, bootcamps, Morning Gloryville, boxer-yoga-lates-size…

It can be overwhelming sometimes, and you might wonder to yourself what’s the best option, and where can you get the most bang for your buck.

As a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, I am happy to give any of these options a try, have some fun and see what new trends are out there.

But when it comes to really staying fit, there are a few staples that you can pick up, that will all fit easily into a kit bag and will cost you altogether less than €30!

Yoga mat


If you don’t already have a yoga or fitness mat, pick one up and your knees and elbows will thank you for it!

Mr. Price does a great quality mat, for just €7.99

It is a good thickness, and has great floor grip.

Of course, there are other alternatives out there too, and mats can cost anything from €10 to €50+. Just remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune – if you are using it for planks or push-ups progressions, you can always fold the mat down if you want some extra comfort for your elbows or knees.

Resistance bands


These come in many shapes, sizes and strengths and are a really versatile piece of kit. The best option is to buy a pack of 3, with 3 different strengths.

Again, I’ve found them in Mr. Price for €7.99, which is great value.

So once you’ve picked up your bands, pop online and pick from one of the many workouts – you can use them for strength, mobility, Pilates and more.

Here’s a selection of my favourites, check them out if you’re looking for inspiration.


Suspension Trainers


A suspension trainer is my absolute favourite piece of home workout equipment. You can use suspension trainers for so many different exercises, you can progress and regress exercises, and they really need very little space. Just a few feet around you and your door and away you go. So if you have to pick just one thing to buy from this list, BUY THESE.

Again, there is a huge variety out there and a range of price options. At the end of January, Aldi were selling them for €14.99. You can also get them at Homestore and More for just €9.99!

Once you’ve got the trainer, you can attach it to a door and get cracking. There are loads of workouts online, take a look here for a few ideas.

Milk carton weights


So this piece of equipment is pretty much free, apart from the cost of the actual milk and the trip to the beach to get some sand.

If you’re land-locked, you can also fill the cartons with water, rice, small stones… Whatever you have at your disposal that will add a bit of weight to the cartons.

For more info on how to create the weights, have a look here.

And also take a look at this video I made last year with a great full-body workout using the milk cartons.

Finally, here’s the science bit – I’ve added up the total cost and it comes in at just €28.95.

So there you have it – a portable Gym in a Bag, that you can use at home or bring with you when visiting friends or going on holidays, and be that annoying person who says “I never put on weight on holidays – I just stick to my normal exercise routine”!

Yoga Mat –                            €7.99

Bands –                                    €7.99

Suspension trainer –             €9.99

2 cartons of milk –                 €2.98

Sand –                                       €0.00

Total                                     €28.95

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