He ain’t heavy, he’s my carton..

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Being a cheapskate and also a wanna be make-and-doer, I was so happy to spot online an idea for making your own weights at home. What better way to combine my penny-pinching and love of upcycling, I thought to myself. And then my at-home workouts will be complete.

So I over-purchased a few 2 litre cartons of milk and waited patiently for us to drink them. Once my patience ran out, I poured 3.75 litres of milk into a jug and placed it in the fridge to be consumed in copius bowls of cereal before it passed its best-before date.

While I was cleaning out the cartons, Easkey (my 4 year old daughter) demanded arts and crafts time. Since it was the weekend, and I have a soft spot in my heart for playing with glue and stickers and imagining I am Mary Fitzgerald in Anything Goes (the must loved program from the 80s), I obliged and we headed to the glue-and-paint stained table.

One thing led to another, and next thing I knew the milk cartons were covered in glitter and stickers, and Easkey and I were in the car frantically (but safely) racing to the shop to by two mini-cartons so she could make her very own little weights. “I want to be just like you mammy” she exclaimed, and how can you say no to such an ego-boosting compliment.

I detached my sticky fingers from the steering wheel and we picked up the cartons from the shop. At home, we both had 3 bowls of cereal each and I cleaned out the cartons. We filled them all with sand, tastefully decorated them and Ta-dah! She is now the proud owner of a set of her own mini-me weights.

Check out this great article on weight training you can do at home with homemade weights. #freestuff

http://www.moneycrashers.com/strength-training-exercises-women/ carton2



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