Will this day mark a curse’s death?

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In nineteen hundred and fifty-one A large truck of red and green Travelled home, with All Ireland won For Sam Maguire to be seen.   The truck it just kept a’trucking on Past mourners in fair Foxford When a priest (or local woman) Placed a curse n’aer before heard   “You blaggards, you have trundled […]

Run Safe, Run Smart

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I recently read a story about a 30 year old woman (Karina Vetrano) who was strangled to death in Queens while she was out for her evening run. I was naturally upset and shocked to hear the story, and I read a bit more about it to find out what had happened. I was surprised […]

If Calsberg did Olympics…

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I recently saw a number of articles on Social Media headlined as the “top 10 sexist things that have happened in this Olympics”. Intrigued, I clicked on one or two and I have to say I was underwhelmed. It seemed that the authors were scraping the barrel and actively seeking out pithy and mildly gender-differentiating […]

“I like it hot, just not THIS hot”

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WHAT IS THAT LUMINOUS YELLOW ORB IN THE SKY??? Well would you credit it – a sunny weekend is in the offing, and we’ve been promised that “Ireland will be as hot as Barcelona” for the weekend (cue augmented maps that place Ireland in the Med doing the rounds on social media again…) So here […]

Bank holiday Monday survival kit

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It’s the Monday of the long weekend – and we all know what that means!  It’s usually hangover, or food-hangover – waking up looking like a zombie – combing the house for anything carb-based to eat – hoping someone will come and take the kids.  But fear not – I have some handy tips to […]

An Owed to the Galway Races

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It is Galway. It is Race Week. There is sunshine. So I have channelled my inner bard and decided to pen a poem to honour this splendid festival. I must warn you in advance that this poem does not rhyme. I could compensate for this by stating that free verse is post-modern and indicative of […]

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

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According to the amazingly funny comedian and social observer Louis CK “the two most boring things to me are civic pride and civic rivalry”. In a kinda snobbish way, I would tend to agree with this view – except for yesterday when my adoptive province of Connacht took on the mighty Leinster at Murrayfield in […]

Weight and our mental health

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It’s obvious that the conversation around mental health is everywhere at the moment. And as a social movement, I think it is really positive to continue the conversation long-term to remove any sense of taboo from the discussions. It is an extremely complex issue, and while I am wary to jump on the bandwagon and […]