Strawberry chocs for ever…

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If, like me, you are partial to a Roses sweet (or 10!) at this time of year then I might just have the answer to your chocolate snacking woes. There are some lovely alternative for the festive season that are much healthier, and also guilt free. You can make 10-12 dark chocolate strawberries using about […]

“Runners on the Storm…”

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Storm Desmond has passed but not without leaving much devastation in its wake. Not least, the innumerable Teresa Mannion copy-cats, warning of the ravages of the storm, beseeching us not to go outside! Inspired by this, I decided to go out for a run yesterday as the tail-end of Desmond was passing. Myself and some […]

On the first day of Christmas…

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As part of my role as a Unislim weight management consultant, I see that this time of year can really put a strain on your resolve and dedication to eating healthy and staying in shape. No matter how much of an iron-cast will you have, you would need to be made of stone to not […]

Geansi-beag na Nollaig

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AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE – if you want to place a multiple order, contact me via comments 🙂 The origins of the Christmas Jumper phenomenon are vague and largely unknown, but it is clear that it has exploded among the Irish pub-faring folk who like to dabble in a spot of 12 pubs of Christmas shenanigans. […]

Once you Parsnip…

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Pardon my failed attempt at punning the famous Pringles tagline. What I want to do with this post is give you an alternative to crisps for those late-night TV snacks that we all crave when curled up on the couch watching Strictly, Come Dine With Me, the Late, Late Toy show, the darts players championship… […]

Ba da ba ba ba – I’m FAKING it

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Fake-Aways are the hottest new thing in the food arena – carb-free pizzas, home-made and healthy Indian curries, authentic Thai food. You name it, it’s been faked-away. So I’ve decided to attempt a healthy version of one of my favourite no-no’s – McDonalds. I’m partial to the  Sweet Chilli Crispy Chicken wrap. But at 800+ […]

Autumnal AWESOMEness

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I don’t have much to say here – just that this picture is one motivation to go running outside in the autumn/winter. Look at the colours, contrasts and beauty of nature. I am aware that to take this I needed to stop running and flute around trying to find the “best light” to capture the amazing […]

Let’s go INSANE!

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It is wet, cold and hailing outside. You know you should get off your backside and get out there regardless. But you just can’t – you can’t even stomach the short sprint from the house to the car, and then from the car through the doors of the gym. So what can you do instead? […]

Overnight oats? Never heard of them…

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I know, I know – everyone is banging on about overnight oats at the moment. But they’re so tasty and filling, and you just need to grab them from the fridge and tuck in. I used almond milk, Alpro coconut yoghurt, flax seeds and chia seeds and topped with a handful of blackberries I picked […]

Keenoa? Kinooah? Keenwa?

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I love making meals that are simple, accessible and that the entire family can enjoy. A recent favourite ingredient of mine is Quinoa. Yes, I know – the whole world is talking about, and frequently mispronouncing, this supergrain. But I find it versatile and a great alternative to breading chicken and fish. Below is a […]