It’s all Monkey Business

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Sunshine is expected this weekend, so that will probably mean a few trips to the playground. And as all parents out there will know as soon as kids mingle in the playground,  the one-upmanship among the so-called grown-ups starts.

You hear how little Fiachra is already reading from, and submitting articles to, medical journals although he’s only 5, like some kind of Dougie Howser wannabe.

And sweet Emilia has been accepted into the London School of Ballet For Extremely Gifted, Beautiful, Hair Like Silk and Never Has A Snotty Nose Young Ladies.

And what have you got to show for your little rug-rat? Well, if you’re like me you’re just happy that she hasn’t shouted “Everyone smells like pppooooooo!!” at the top of her voice, or tried to pull down another child’s underpants (while you pretend that she thought of that herself, and that you don’t play a game at home called “I pulled your pants down – I win!”, like some kind of weirdo).

At times like this, I find the best way to rub other parents’ noses in the awesomeness of your family is to show them what a fantastic multi-tasker you are – and how you manage to stay fit and toned with a workout that you have shoehorned into your brief visit to the playground.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want jealous parents, and their children, to watch in awe as you zip round the playground at the speed of light, doing chin-ups and crunches and totally showing up your own kid. My one is 4 already, and I’d like to see her try even one push-up…

So give it a go – I guarantee* you’ll be the most popular parent in the playground!

(*guarantee is not a guarantee)

Workout breakdown:

  • 2 minute warm-up and 2 minutes dynamic stretches around the playground
  • 20 x bench push-ups
  • 20 x step-up jumps (each leg)
  • Chin-ups from the jungle gym (as many as you can manage!)
  • Single child dash (with 1 child)
  • Double child dash (with 2 children, if you think you’re hard enough)
  • 12 x bench squat jump
  • 12 x knee tucks from the swing

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