(nearly had a)Heart(attack) of Galway

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What better way to spend a bright and crisp Valentine’s Sunday than partaking in an amazing, but heart-thumping, run-&-obstacle course event in the heart of the fantastic city of Galway? None, that’s what.

Yesterday, almost 200 participants (and countless volunteers) gathered in Shop Street outside 56 Central to run or walk what we thought was a 7km course with unknown “surprise events” dotted throughout. So I donned a GoPro camera (it was it’s maiden voyage in the sports arena) and tried to capture the excitement. It ended up being almost 10k, but shur who’s counting?!

Unfortunately, technology let me down a bit so I didn’t get to capture all the challenges but I’ll list them below (take a look at the video here):

heartScore a goal in South Park

heartReceive (and also give – Eek!) a piggy-back around the Famine Ship memorial in the  Memorial Park

heartDrag a tyre round a cone and back

heartCarry sandbags round a cone and back

heartGive and receive a wheelbarrow a la 10 year olds in the park

heartBounce on space hoppers

heartCreate a heart with rocks

And then do them ALL AGAIN on the way back. Simples!

Although it was tough, I have to say I did the entire thing with a smile on my face and  frequent laughter. At times, I was picturing myself on Ireland’s Fittest Family, trying to beat the boys but at the same time feeling the camaraderie as we were all part of a bigger family for the day.

We couldn’t have hoped for better weather, a more organized event, and a more perfect atmosphere with many getting into the spirit by dressing up and smiling all the way round the course.

And of course, we all got a mandatory heart face-painted on our cheeks to remind us why we were out there in the first place.

And to finish, the original €12,000 fundraising target was SMASHED and Foroige’s BBBS will reap the rewards of this amazing achievement.

Congratulations Project Impact, Pat Divilly, Gill Carroll and her 56 Central team, all the BBBS volunteers who were shaking buckets and getting involved, and everyone who was part of the day. It will be the first of many I hope!


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