Nut-eile: Sugar-free snack ideas

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Did you know that yesterday was World Nutella Day?!

Now I can be partial to a spoon (or ten!) of Nutella – but if you’ve ever looked at the breakdown of ingredients that go into Nutella, you might think twice before picking up a pot (I’ll give you a hint – it’s almost 50% sugar).

So to celebrate the day without the sugar-loaded guilt, I’m going to give you some tried-and-tested treat alternatives that are just as tasty – but contain less sugar and more of the good stuff.

You should even be able to fool the kids with them 😉

½ calorie Nutella by Chocolate Covered Katie
I have made this a few times, and it really is delicious.
It has a much nuttier taste than shop-bought Nutella but is just as satisfying on a slice of wholmeal bread (or on a spoon ;)).
Pointer – don’t use blanched hazelnuts (these are often the ones you get in the shop) as they don’t have much oil in them. Get fresh hazelnuts with their skins on.

Parsnip crisps
I’ve made these so many times and they are a great alternative to crisps on a Friday night.
You can make them in advance and let them cool (so you won’t be trying to make them when you already have the munchies).
Plus, as you need to make the parsnips quite thin, you might need to make 2-3 batches. So a bit of forward planning is key.

McDonalds chicken wrap Fakeaway
Fake-Aways are the hottest new thing in the food arena – carb-free pizzas, home-made and healthy Indian curries, authentic Thai food. You name it, it’s been faked-away. So I decided to attempt a healthy version of one of my favourite no-no’s – McDonalds.
But at 800+ calories for a small meal (including drink), this is really not a healthy option. So I have created my own version, which is much less calorific than the original. How could you not be lovin’ that!

Banana ice cream
I LOVE this one – banana, chocolate, peanut butter.
What’s not to love 😉
As usual with sweet banana recipes, ripe or over-ripe bananas work best.
And it’s even great without the dark chocolate – a hit with kids too 😉

Naturally flavored water
If you’re a fan of fizzy drinks like 7Up, then it might be a good idea to look for some lower-sugar alternatives. Fizzy drinks like these are one of the top ways we consume sugar, and they have absolutely no nutritional benefits
Even the 0% options have a lot of artificial sweetners, which can have negative effects on your body – especially if they are consumed in high volumes, and reduce your water intake.
A really refreshing alternative is sparkling water with lemon & lime slices and mint leaves.
Orange & mint also works well as a combo, or watermelon & basil if you’re feel adventurous.

Cornflake chicken nuggets
Kids love these (and grown-ups do too!).
Try and source some no-sugar corn flakes for the coating. And get the kids involved in making them too – they love getting their hands dirty.
Just make sure they wash them properly after handling the chicken.

Chocolate milk
This is a great post-workout snack, or an alternative to a cuppa and a biscuit.
You can pick up Cacao powder in Aldi (works as well as unsweetened Cocoa powder).

  • 1 cup almond milk (chilled)
  • 2 tsp Unsweetened Cocoa powder, or to taste
  • 1 capful vanilla essence, or to taste
  • Jar with a lid

Mix the chilled milk and vanilla in the jar, and then gently add the cocoa 
Put on the lid and shake until everything is combined.

Et voila! There you have it, some quick & tasty snacks that your waistline will thank you for!



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