Be A Happy Quokka, For Longer!

There are more than 330,000 self-employed people in Ireland today.
This accounts for nearly 17% of the total labour force.
And while larger companies & multinationals offer wellness days, free gym membership and healthy snacks in the office, the self-employed often let wellbeing slide as a priority.
Instead, you work 60 hour weeks, forget to eat lunch and an hour exercising would be considered a luxury.
But let me ask you this.
Do you still want to be successful in 5 years?
10 years?
20 years?
If the answer is a resounding “Yes”, then now is the time to start looking after your business’s number 1 asset.
And guess what?
That’s you!
Workplace wellness is not a fad. It’s not a “touchy-feely” indulgence of the behemoth businesses out there.
It is a real thing, and it could be the difference between a short, prosperous but overall limited career, and a long-term, successful and expanding life & business path.
PS – I’ve been asked “what’s with the name? I’ve never heard of Quokka!”.
So let me direct you here for pictures of some of the happiest creatures you’ve ever seen. And I want us all to be happy Quokkas!
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