Scoffed Eggs

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While out for dinner this weekend, my husband decided to order a scotch egg starter. “Are you mad” I said “they are so unhealthy!” Ah they’re not that bad – and they are so tasty – he replied.

And I thought to myself – he’s right, they are really, really tasty. So why can’t we all enjoy them?

So I set about Googling alternatives, and I have picked some of the best ideas and put them together in my own recipe that I like to call “Scoffed Eggs”.

The basic ingredients here are eggs (duh!), turkey mince (or lean pork mince), seasoning like curry powder, turmeric (I used both of these to get the kind of spicy flavor that you would get with black pudding-coated scotch eggs), rosemary, mustard, pepper… whatever you like really, and flaxseed for the breadcrumb-like coating.


I boiled the eggs for about 4 minutes, so they are firm enough to peel but the yoke is still soft. Then I put them in cool water immediately, peeled them once cooled and dried the outside with a paper towel. I then added the seasoning to the turkey mince and mixed with a fork. I took a meatball-sized ball of turkey mince and flattened it with my fingers on a plate. I then wrapped the egg in the turkey mixture until covered completely (using patch-up bits of mince to fill in any gaps). I put a teaspoon of flax seed in a bowl and added freshly ground pepper. I then rolled the turkey-coated egg in the flax seed, and brushed with a little oil.


I popped in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 25 minutes. Tasty 😉


And here’s a meal serving suggestion – cous cous and kidney bean salad with red onion, cucumber, cherry tomato, rocket and lambs lettuce leaves and tomato chutney.



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