What to do OT AD?

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It’s February, the evenings are getting a bit longer, the promise of spring is in the air… But Operation Transformation is almost over – so what now?

If, like many, you were following the leaders on TV and using their progress to motivate you, how will you keep on track for the coming weeks and months?

This is exactly the question that the leaders of the GMIT Operation Transformation team asked themselves. After doing all of the work for 6 weeks –arming themselves with knowledge and a new outlook – they need to maintain the focus that OT GMIT has given them when the program finishes up in 2 weeks.

Even if you don’t follow OT, and I know that it has fallen out of favour with some this year for various reasons, you are still no doubt aware of the growing problem with weight and obesity in Ireland and may have struggled in the past with weightloss and good eating habits.

To help with this, in my day job as a weight management consultant for Unislim, I am going to help take the GMIT leaders get to the next level in their health and weightloss goals.

(And now for the corporate plugging bit ? )
Eating well and staying at a healthy weight is not something that is just for a 6 week program. That’s why Unislim’s Forever Free plan is designed to fit into your lifestyle, and not the other way around. Following our program will help the leaders to progress with their healthier lifestyles and lose weight, together with the continued support of a dedicated class leader and the enjoyment of a social group setting.

I was delighted to present the leaders with free membership to Unislim plus a fantastic Yum! recipe book to get them off to winning ways – and all students enjoy a special reduced rate at Unislim to really encourage them to get on the right track from an early age. This rate will includes personal support from your leader (me!! in this case), weekly recipes and tips, planners that will help you to “shop on a budget” and time committed to getting you on the road to eating well and weighing healthy.

As the old saying goes “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life”. And I’m lucky enough to love and believe in what I do for a living.


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