I’m “Flaking Into Forty”…

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At the start of 2019, I decided to start the Flaking Into Forty challenge to fundraise for a very special little man called Alister Kelly. You can read all about him here. The aim of this challenge is to raise €5000 to go towards funding equipment for Alister, and the equipment ain’t cheap! So far […]

Keep It Local for Christmas

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If you’re looking for gift ideas for that special someone in your life who loves health, fitness & wellbeing – but you want to make sure you buy local – then you’re in luck! We have a variety of gift ideas that will suit any enthusiast, from the beginner to the adventure junkie, and all […]

Is running meditation?

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This is a question I’ve asked myself a lot. Mediation, mindfulness, self care, self-awareness… they are all buzz words that make lovely hashtags (I’ve used them myself!) but sometimes it is hard to understand what they really mean, and how we can apply them. The good news?! A lot of people have been meditating and […]

An Open Letter to Road Users…

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There are so many things that can affect a journey (and I mean that in the literal sense, not the “I’m, like, on this emotional journey…” sense). Especially on the daily commute – it can be buses dropping & picking up passengers, cars exiting the road and others pulling out into traffic. It can be […]

8 Ways To Beat the 3pm Slump

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If you’re of a certain vintage like me, I’m sure you remember the cuppa soup ads on telly with the tagline “Beat the 3pm slump”. We were all encouraged to drink a hot, salty beverage just before 3pm so that we could continue with our workday and avoid face-planting the keyboard due to our inability […]

Are you a Mindful Commuter?

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There’s a reason society coined the term “road rage”. Put a rational, sane and well-balanced person behind the wheel of a car, stick them in traffic within a shoddy infrastructure… then multiply this by 45,000 across Galway city and you’ve a recipe for disaster.  Yet for many of us, this is how our working day starts and ends. […]

“All the crampy ladies (all the crampy ladies)”

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In the immortal words of Beyoncé “My PMS is through the roof this week lads – my stomach is out to here, I’m an emotional wreck and all I want to do is sleep & eat chocolate”. And that’s PMS for you. I think we’ve all heard of pre-menstrual syndrome, and probably all suffered with […]

Nut-eile: Sugar-free snack ideas

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Did you know that yesterday was World Nutella Day?! Now I can be partial to a spoon (or ten!) of Nutella – but if you’ve ever looked at the breakdown of ingredients that go into Nutella, you might think twice before picking up a pot (I’ll give you a hint – it’s almost 50% sugar). […]

Be productive.. not just busy being busy!

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We’re coming to the end of January – and you may have found that some of the New Year resolutions you vowed to keep are slipping a bit. That’s totally normal – after about 3 weeks, the novelty of something new starts to wear off and it takes dedication and commitment to see it through […]

How Do, Blue Monday!

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Blue Monday!! The term was first coined in 2005 by a travel company in the UK (no surprise there!) who claimed that they had used a scientific equation to calculate the most depressing day of the year. While we might scoff at this, it is easy to see why this time of year can be […]