Be A Happy Quokka, For Longer!

Carrie Small Plate is rebranding! And we are now adding Workplace Wellness to our services, under the new name “Quokka Wellness”.
There are more than 330,000 self-employed people in Ireland today.
This accounts for nearly 17% of the total labour force.
And while larger companies & multinationals offer wellness days, free gym membership and healthy snacks in the office, the self-employed often let wellbeing slide as a priority.
Instead, you work 60 hour weeks, forget to eat lunch and an hour exercising would be considered a luxury.
But let me ask you this.
Do you still want to be successful in 5 years?
10 years?
20 years?
If the answer is a resounding “Yes”, then now is the time to start looking after your business’s number 1 asset.
And guess what?
That’s you!
Workplace wellness is not a fad. It’s not a “touchy-feely” indulgence of the behemoth businesses out there.
It is a real thing, and it could be the difference between a short, prosperous but overall limited career, and a long-term, successful and expanding life & business path.
PS – I’ve been asked “what’s with the name? I’ve never heard of Quokka!”.
So let me direct you here for pictures of some of the happiest creatures you’ve ever seen. And I want us all to be happy Quokkas!
If you want to know more, check out the new website for details.